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Take A Break From The Heat With Retractable Screens

A retractable screen is an awning covering that is attached to the side of a building which can open to provide shading, and retract to allow sunlight into the patio area.

The Sentry

These SunShade retractable window shades are of very sturdy construction and are highly durable. The screens are nearly invisible and blend beautifully with your doors framing. Equipped with full-length metal handles, these screens are extremely easy to open and close. Even children will be able to handle these screens on his/her own. They can fit basically any door, including single doors, double doors, and sliding doors. The screens will fit most front doors, patio doors, side entry doors, garage entry doors, large-openings and more. However, they are especially good for use on patios. Retractable screen can add a nice decorative touch to enhance the beauty of patio gardens.

These devices are of course as functional as they are beautiful. Retractable screens allow gatherings outside to be more enjoyable by allowing your guests to stay out of the direct sunlight, thereby being more comfortable. With this equipment, a public space can be easily converted as a private space. They can offer a room with a window with just a flick of a switch. If the family members wish to spend some valuable time outside their home in the lawn, they can immediately create a room with these screens and can place the refreshments within the room and can enjoy a peaceful playtime.

Most of us might have experienced that a room offering lovely sun porch during a winter season, can be more heat during a winter season. Some rooms might not be suitable for any of the season. When retractable screens are used on these rooms, it can bring in light when the room is dark with a simple renunciation of the screen and during summer season, the screen can be lowered for protecting the inmates from hot sunlight.

The sun emits heat and when heat is prevented from entering a room only a minimal energy will be needed for cooling the room. During winter seasons, heat can be conserved inside with window coverings and this can save energy thereby reducing the heating cost, cooling cost and lighting energy to the homeowners. In addition, they bring beauty and improved function. When retractable screens are used, there will not be any requirement for the homeowners to change blinds and shades all through the year for compensating the changes in darkness and light. These screens look amazingly beautiful and will enhance the appearance of the entire area. If you install the state of the art retractable screens in your home, it will not only enhance the beauty of the area but also gives you the natural sunlight and airflow inside your home.

SunShade's retractable awnings are meant to help you enjoy your outdoor patio.

  • They are functional and look great.
  • They can protect you from the sun.
  • They are retractable for your convenience. 

Enjoy your backyard with SunShade retractable screens

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